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How long can you survive in this endless draw-em-up? Cast spells to defend yourself from the deadly warding glyphs.

About This Game

Counterspell is an endless runner game where you have to draw shapes to destroy hostile spells and jump over obstacles.
It is an easy to grasp but hard to master arcade game where the only goal is to survive as long as you can.

You use the mouse to draw the shapes which you see on the screen, there is also a spell you draw to jump over holes in the ground.
If you don’t draw quickly enough, the glyphs will touch the wizard and result in a game over.
Some symbols are more complex than others and there are even large shapes which take two hits to kill, playing on an easier difficulty will reduce the frequency of challenging symbols appearing as well as the speed of the game.

There are currently 3 difficulty settings and 25 different patterns to learn as you try and get a high score.
There are also 6 unique powerups which will help you survive in different ways.

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Title: Counterspell

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie





Release Date: 24 Nov, 2022

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System Requirements


    • OS: windows 10

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