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The little country town of Woodland Park is your home for the summer. Explore the town. Meet its inhabitants. Things long forgotten resurface and history is questioned. A beautiful young girl may be the key to untangling the truth, but will you solve the mystery?

About This Game

Memory is a strange and interesting thing. It is never complete, and often deviates from the truth. A memory can shift, change, grow and contract, all while being filtered by the mind’s perspective of reality.

When you are sent to live with your grandmother for the summer, you could never imagine the mysteries awaiting you in the sleepy country town of Woodland Park.

Explore your surroundings, retrieve memories, collect radio transmissions, solve puzzles and piece together stories from different people. One clue will lead to the next and answers to riddles will help you on your quest. A beautiful girl named Alicia captures your heart and will lead you deeper into the town’s dark past. If you pay attention and collect the right clues, you can solve the mystery of what happened so long ago. Search for the memories the people of Woodland Park have tried so hard to forget.



– Explore Woodland Park and surround area
Move through the town and explore different places. Each place has a memory or a radio message that will help you unravel the details of the past.

– Meet People from Woodland Park
The people of the town have different accounts and different perspectives. Figure out how their memories and stories fit together to gain a picture of the past and uncover what really happened.

– Puzzles, Games, and Riddles
Small puzzles, miniature games and short riddles will reveal even more information. Collect items and play arcade games to advance toward the truth.

– Solve the Mystery
A single event changed the people of Woodland Park forever… but what details were buried and what truths were twisted? People’s memories have warped over time, but a fresh take and a sharp mind can piece together and solve the dark mystery that has stayed the small country town for years.

Story driven, puzzle solving, adventure taste game.

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Title: Memory

Genre: Indie


Soft Paw Studio


Soft Paw Studio

Release Date: 29 Apr, 2020

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System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 10

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